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UC Berkeley School of Law, Berkeley, CA, USA

Ph.D. in Jurisprudence and Social Policy, May 2012

Fields of Concentration: Law and Economics; Property Law

Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, USA

LL.M., June 2005

Waseda University Graduate School of Law, Tokyo, Japan

M.A. in Law, March 2004

Fudan University Law School, Shanghai, China

B.A. in Law, with Highest Honor, July 2000


Assitant Professor of Law, School of Law, Singapore Management University (since Jan 2013)

Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, School of Law, Singapore Management University (fall 2010, fall 2011)


Graduate Student Instructor, University of California, Berkeley (fall 2008 to spring 2010)


Published Papers

The Paradoxes of Secured Landing: Is There a Less Uneasy Case for the Priority of Secured Claims in Bankruptcy?

16 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law (2014)

Some Reflections on the Evolution Theory of Common Law and Its Implications on China’s Leading Case System

1 Fudan Law Review (2014)


Numerus Clausus Revisited: A Review of Literature and a Change in Perspective

13 Academia Sinica Law Journal (2013)


Whose Right and Which Remedy? A Legal and Economic Reflection on a Recent Decision by the Supreme Court of Japan

9 Law and Social Sciences (2012)

A Legal and Economic Analysis of the Conflict of Property Rights on Generic Names: Based on the “Little Sheep” Trademark Dispute (with Ming Yang)

2010 – 4 Tsinghua Law Review (2010)


Quantitative Methods and Causality

6 Law and Social Sciences (2010)


Bailment or Lease: A Legal and Economic Analysis

29 Cross-Strait Law Review (2010)


Do “Sea Turtles” Creep Faster Than “Soft-shell Turtles”: A Quantitative Study of Academic Performance of Law Faculty in Premier Chinese Law Schools

4 Guang Hua Law Review (2009)


Some Reflections on Su Li’s Economic Analysis of the “Hai Rui Theorem”

5 Law and Social Sciences (2009)

Numerus Clausus: An Economic Perspective

2006 – 4 Social Sciences in China (2006)

Is the Contractor More Secure with a Priority Right? A Functional Analysis of Article 286 of PRC Contract Law

Vol. 7 No. 1 Peking University Law Review (2005)

On the Effectiveness of the Restrictions Governing Life in a Common Interest Community: A Comparative Study between American and Japanese Law

32 Civil and Commercial Law Review (2004)

A Preliminary Analysis of the Amendments to the Japanese Secured Transaction Law

Vol. 5 No. 2 Peking University Law Review (2004)

The Purge of Mortgage in Japanese Civil Law

24 Civil and Commercial Law Review (2002)

The Influence of Offeror’s Death or Incapacity on the Effect of Offer

2000 – 1 Contemporary Law Studies (2000)

Conference Papers

Weak Law v. Strong Ties: An Empirical Study of Business Investment, Law, and Political Connections in China (with Ji Li)

25th Annual Conference of American Law and Economics Association

Columbia University, 2015

Law and Economics and the Legal Practice in China: A Footnote to the Lawyers’ Way of Thinking

2nd Annunal Conference on Law and Social Sciences in China

Southwest University of Political Science and Law, 2014

The Paradoxes of Secured Landing: Is There a Less Uneasy Case for the Priority of Secured Claims in Bankruptcy?

SMU-Queen Mary Law Faculty Workshop

Singapore Management University, 2014

The Evolution of the Law of Torts in China: A Bird’s Eye View

10th Annual Conferenece of the Ascian Law and Economics Association

National University of Taiwan, 2014

Some Thoughts on the Development of Law and Economics in China

4th Conference on the Development of Law in the Greater-China Area

Institutum Iurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica, 2014

Some Thoughts on the Jury System in China

Rule of Law in Shanghai: Symposium on Theoretical Innovation and Judicial Reform, Shanghai Acadamy of Social Sciences, 2013

Justice in the Shadow of Power: Understanding the Limits of Civil Justice Reform in China thourgh Entrepreneurs’ (Un)willingness to Use Courts

       7th Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, Stanford Law School, 2012


Judicial Performance Indicators at Work: An Empirical Study of the Medical Malpractice Litigations in Shanghai

Other Academic Works/activities

Co-translator (English – Mandarin), Solomon’s Knot, How Law Can End the Poverty of Nations, by Robert Cooter and Hans-Bernd Schäfer, published by Peking University Press, 2014

Translator (English – Mandarin), Why Is the Common Law Efficient?, by Paul Rubin; published in 1 Fudan Law Review, 2014

Co-translator (Mandarin – English), Chinese Civil Code (Draft), by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;published by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2010

Translator (Japanese – Mandarin), On Claims Arising Out of Property Rights, by Teruaki Tayama;published in 3 Fudan Civil and Commercial Law Review, December 2004


American Law and Economics Association      

Society for Empirical Legal Studies

Bar Admission

State of New York


Mandarin (native); English (fluent); Japanese (fluent)

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