DU Yu is Vice Dean and Professor of Criminal Law at Fudan Law School. His research field is Methodology of criminal law, criminal reconciliation and criminal customary law. He is deputy director of steering committee in Fudan University Law School, Deputy Director of Collaborative Innovation Center of Judicial Civilization Eastern Base.


Professor Du has hosted nine national and provincial projects supported by national social science fund, National Science Foundation for Post-doctoral Scientists, Ministry of Education and so on. In addition, he has published about 60 academic papers on Chinese Journal of Law, China Legal Science, Peking University Law Journal and other journals, ten among which has been full-passage reproduced by Chinese Social Science Digest, periodical literatures reprinted by China People's University and so on.


Professor Du was selected to Shanghai Morning Light Project (2007), China Law Innovation Top 100 new talents (2009), Fudan university outstanding talent plan (2011), "Dawn" Program of Shanghai Education Commission (2013), Sino-us Fulbright visiting scholar (2014-2015), Shanghai excellent middle-aged and young jurist (2016) and Shanghai Pujiang Program (2016).



LL.B. (Sun yat-sen University, 1998)

LL.M. (Sun yat-sen University, 2001)

Ph.D. (Peking University, 2004)

Visiting Scholar (Stanford University, 2014-2015)



2005-2007, Renmin University of China Law School, Post-doc

Since 2004, Fudan University Law school, lecturer (2004-2007), Associate Professor (2007-2012), Professor and doctoral supervisor (since 2012)


Contact Info.

Fudan University Law School, 2005 Songhu Rd., Shanghai, 200438, China

Email: duyu@fudan.edu.cn


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