GE Jiangqiu

Education and Experience

Maastricht University

PhD, 2017 (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Jan Smits and Dr. Nicole Kornet)


Tsinghua University

Master in Law, 2012 (Cum Laude; Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Shiyuan Han)

Bachelor in Law, 2010


Fudan University, Faculty of Law

Assistant Professor, 2017-present


Journal Articles

1. Jiangqiu Ge, On Virtual Reputation and Its Private Protection, Journal of Henan University (Social Science), 2017(4), pp. 1-11. [葛江虬:“论网络虚拟名誉及其民法保护”,《河南大学学报(社会科学版)》2017年第4期,第1—11页。]

2. Jiangqiu Ge, On Consumer’s Withdrawal Rights: A Focus on the Interpretation through the Application of the Contract Law, Tsinghua University Law Journal, 2015(6), pp. 95-116. Reprinted by Social Science Digest, 2016(2); Renmin University Duplicate Newspaper and Journal Materials (Economic Law and Labor Law), 2016(3). [葛江虬:“论消费者无理由退货权――以适用《合同法》条文之解释论为中心”,《清华法学》2015年第6期,第95—116页。《社会科学文摘》2016年第2期转载;人大复印报刊资料《经济法学、劳动法学》2016年第3期全文转载。]

3. Jiangqiu Ge, Recourse of the Buddha Mummy from the Private Law Perspective – A Focus on Dutch Civil Law, Oriental Law, 2015(3), pp. 98-111. [葛江虬:“追索在荷‘肉身坐佛’之私法路径——以荷兰民法为视角”,《东方法学》2015年第3期,第98—111页。]

4. Jiangqiu Ge, Xiaowei Yu, Research on Minor’s Tort of Imitation, SJTU Law Review, 2014(4), pp. 159-174. [葛江虬、余小伟:“未成年人模仿侵权若干问题研究”,《交大法学》2014年第4期,第159—174页。]

5. Jiangqiu Ge, Research on Aggressive Necessity, Civil and Commercial Law Review, Vol. 52, Beijing: Law Press, 2013, pp. 690-769. [葛江虬:“攻击性紧急避险研究”,《民商法论丛》第52卷,法律出版社2013年版,第690—769页。]

6. Jiangqiu Ge, On the Untrue Joint and Several Liability of Piercing the Corporate Veil in Current Company Law of China, Sun Yat-Sen University Law Review, 2012(1) , pp. 362-385. [葛江虬:“公司法人格否认制度中的不真正连带责任”,《中山大学法律评论》2012年第1期,第362—385页。]

7. Lingyi Liu, Jiangqiu Ge, Xuan Yang, The Cause and Proposal for ‘Resource Exploiting Syndrome’ in Undeveloped Areas: Example of Baise, Reform of Economic System, 2011(2), pp. 48-51. [刘凌颐、葛江虬、杨旋:“‘欠发达地区资源开发综合症’的成因及其解决对策——以广西百色为例”,《经济体制改革》2011年第2期,第48—51页。]


Book Sections

1. William Bull, Jiangqiu Ge, Catalina Goanta, Mark Kawakami, Jan Smits, Who does What in Consumer Law: A Search for Criteria for Centralized Lawmaking, in Bram Akkermans, Jaap Hage, Nicole Kornet and Jan Smits(eds.), Who does What? On the allocation of regulatory competences in European Private Law, Cambridge: Intersentia, 2015, pp. 97-119.

2. Jiangqiu Ge, Biao Wang, Two Worlds in One Meter Away: An Empirical Legal Analysis on ‘Regime Distance’, in Qicai Gao(eds.), Social Order and Social Norms in Modern China, Beijing: Law Press, 2013, pp. 246-273. [葛江虬、王彪:“一米之遥、两个世界——‘制度距离’的法社会学分析”, 载高其才主编:《当代中国的社会规范与社会秩序:身边的法》,法律出版社2013年版,第246—273页。]

3. Jiangqiu Ge, Research on Imputation and Self-Responsibility, in Mingkai Zhang(eds.), Discussion on Doubtful Cases in Criminal Law(I), Beijing: Renmin University Press, 2009, pp. 1-17. [葛江虬:“归责与答责理论之探讨”,载张明楷主编:《刑事疑案演习(一)》,中国人民大学出版社2009年版,第1—17页。]

GE Jiangqiu

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