WANG Mingliang

Wang Mingliang is a professor and PhD supervisor in the Law School of Fudan University. He specializes in Criminal Law, and advocates a methodology of criminal law beyond criminal law norms. His theory such as generating scheme of crime, sociological mode theory of conviction and sentencing, the relationship between social capital and criminal policy, public participation in criminal policy, etc. has attracted academic attention and has certain academic influence.


WANG Mingliang has published a great number of thesis and monographs, and has published more than 40 academic articles in Chinese Law and other journals, many of which were reprinted by the Chinese Social Sciences Abstract and the Criminal Law etc.



LL.M. (Northwest University of Political Science and Law, 2010)

Ph.D (Peking University, 2000-2003)

Post-doctoral (Renmin University of China, 2004-2006)

Visiting scholar (University of Washington, 2015-2016)



2003-   , Law School of Fudan University


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WANG Mingliang

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