ZHANG Guangjie

ZHANG Guangjie is an associate professor in the Law School of Fudan University. He specializes in Jurisprudence.

ZHANG Guangjie is a member of the Chinese Law Society's Jurisprudence Research Committee and a researcher at the Human Rights Research Center of Fudan University.



LL.B. (Zhejiang University, 1984)

LL.M. (Renmin University of China, 1984-1987)



1997-2000, Associate Director of Law School of Fudan University;

2006-2012, Vice President of Law School of Fudan University;

1987- , Law School of Fudan University;


Contact Info.

Fudan University Law School, 2005 Songhu Rd., Shanghai, 200438, China

Email: zhanggj@fudan.edu.cn 

ZHANG Guangjie

Associate Professor
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