International Students of Fudan Law School Visited SHIAC in November

Updated: 12,11,2017

International students of the Fudan Law School visited the Shanghai International Arbitration Centre (SHIAC) on November 22, an opportunity provided by Professor Chen Li, who teaches Chinese Commercial Arbitration for the International Chinese Business Law program.

Located in Shanghai, an important city for the Chinese market, SHIAC has administered numerous dispute resolution cases of various types including trade, M&A, finance, securities, real estate, logistics, and intellectual property. Parties from more than 70 countries and regions have participated in the arbitration proceedings administered by SHIAC.

Ms. Wang Weijun, the Deputy Secretary General of SHIAC, gave an excellent speech regarding the rules, missions and current status of SHIAC, and carefully answered each question raised by the students. This event provided students with a better understanding of SHIAC’s history, development, and dispute resolution processes, allowing students to appreciate the impact of the organization’s work on China’s economic growth.

The SHIAC visit was very welcome among the international students. More similar activities are expected to be held in the future.

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