LIU Shiguo

LIU SHIGUO is a professor at Fudan Law School from 2004 and a doctoral supervisor in civil and commercial law. Dedicated to the research of civil law, the hermeneutics of civil law, tort law and achieved certain research results. There are several monographs and articles have been published. Prof. Liu has presided over the Major Program of China Social Science Fund, "The Legal System on the Compensation of Environmental Pollution Caused by Heavy Metal". Previously Prof. Liu was Vice Dean of Shandong University Law School and President of the Civil and Commerce Law Association of Shandong Province. Currently serving as the Vice Dean of Civil Law Association of the China Law Society.


Prof. Liu has awarded the prize of " Good Legislative Adviser" of the China Law Society, the third prize of national outstanding achievements in field of Humanities and Social Science and obtained the Governmental Special Allowance of the State Council.


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LIU Shiguo

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